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We came into existence on 10th Oct, 1994 and have been engaged in various charitable activities to help the under privileged since then.

1994 - 2023

About Us

Since 1994

The Trust has been constantly commitmed to help the poor and needy. During the last 3 years, a number of developments have taken place and numerous new steps have been taken to help the  poor and needy. Distribution of free food at different hospitals of the tri-city has been started and made a regular feature by the Trust since 2018-19. All donations to the trust are exempted from income tax and eligible under deduction 80-G of Income Tax Act


In order to render assistance to persons in distress caused by natural/manmade calamities – special arrangements/efforts were made to deliver the free food (cooked as well as ration material) to the poor and needy people since the onset of Covid-19 Epidemic. This sewa was targeted at Daily Wage Earners who had lost their livelihood to due to the Covid lockdown.

Sewa in Hospitals

Our Routine Initiatives


Preparation and distribution of morning Tea with snacks to poor and needy patients and their attendants at various hospitals in Mohali.

Eye Hospital, Chandigarh

Provision of free food (Khichri made of Rice & Daal) at 11 AM everyday to the poor and needy patients and their attendants at Eye Hospital, Sec. 18 Chandigarh.


Regular distribution of free food on Mondays and Thursdays to underprivileged patients in various hospitals in Chandigarh.

Free Home for Aged and Destitute with Free Dispensary

A Dream project of the Trust is to set up a free home for Aged and Destitute at some suitable place in the city or rural area for senior citizens and destitute who do not have other family members to attend to them. Proper arrangement for their care, stay and medical facilities in the shape of an attached free dispensary is also planned. Regular meditation / physiotherapy sessions have also been proposed.
Some land has been purchased in the Village Chhotti Badi Naggal in Dist. Mohali, and registered in the name of the Sewaks’ Charitable Trust.

Setting up Free Dialysis Centre at Badmajra Colony, Mohali

Kidney patients who suffer from malfunctioning of Kidneys, have to undergo Dialysis at regular intervals which is a huge capital expenditure. There are families who have been forced to sell their belongings to meet these expenses. The Board of Trustees have recommended that Sewaks’ Charitable Trust should come forward to help with this cause. The Management of Gurudwara Karta Purakh Niwas, Badmajra Colony, Mohali have volunteered to provide free space. Talks are underway with Doctors and Equipment Manufacturers to help setup the support center.

Setting up of Rehabilitation Centre for Spinal Cord Injury Patients at Badmajra Colony, Mohali

As brain and limb functions decline with age or after an injury, disease or illness, there is a need to modify the environment to suit their needs, use assistive products, educate to strengthen self-management and help adapt to tasks so that they can be performed safely and independently. In lieu of the same the board has decided to also create a rehab center for injured or old underprivileged individuals to help them get back on their feet. The project construction has been started but is slow due to a lack of funds available.
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